Bunion doctor in Corona

Bunion Doctor in Corona

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Treating bunions in Corona

Bunions are small protrusions that can cause you a lot of discomfort. In addition, they are not exactly pleasant to look at. Here at Metropolitan Foot Care, our bunion doctor in Corona diagnoses, evaluates, and treats bunions.

When you find a bunion, typically on your big toe, you may wonder where it came from, and the answer is that pressure or stress has been put on your big toe joint. This may occur due to having flat feet, the way you walk, or most commonly due to your shoes. High heels put a lot of weight on the toes, and even footwear that is just too tight in the toe area is a potential problem. Our bunion doctor in Corona recommends that you re-evaluate your shoes and select ones for how they promote greater foot health. In some mild cases, a simple change of shoes could be enough for your bunion to subside. Typically, however, you will need an orthotic, which is a shoe insert. You can buy one-size-fits-all orthotics at your drug store, or even some supermarkets and department stores. But for the best results, let our bunion doctor in Corona fit you for custom-made orthotics that are designed just for you. They will redistribute your weight so that the pressure on the toe joint is relieved. But what if the change of footwear and the use of orthotics either does not produce the desired results, or you suffer recurrences of your bunion on the same toe? That’s when it may be time to consider bunion surgery, a safe and effective procedure done right here at our office. It’s strictly outpatient, so you can go home right afterward.

The more quickly you act to have your bunion taken care of, the more quickly you will experience relief. Please call us to arrange an appointment.

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