Corona foot fracture doctor

Corona Foot Fracture Doctor

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Diagnosing and treating foot fractures in Corona

Corona foot fracture doctor
Corona foot fracture doctor

If you injured your foot, you should see a Corona foot fracture doctor like ours at Metropolitan Foot Care to be evaluated for a foot fracture. Unfortunately, feet are very vulnerable to twisting and slipping and foot fractures are very common. Seeing a professional foot doctor is very important to get the right diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Foot fracture symptoms are not pleasant. They include: pain that is so severe that it’s difficult to walk, bruising, redness and the inability to put weight on the foot. It’s important to see a Corona foot fracture doctor if you think you may have a foot fracture. You need to immediately go to the nearest emergency room or call 911 if you develop any of the following conditions with your suspected broken foot: your foot is numb, blue or cold, the foot is deformed or pointing in the wrong direction, there is an open wound or large cut near the potential broken bone, you have severe pain or if you need immediate medical treatment for any reason. If you’re having severe symptoms and/or think you have a foot fracture, you should go to an urgent care center or emergency room where x-rays can be performed. When you see the doctor, he’ll need to determine if you actually have a broken foot (foot fracture) and if so which part of the foot the fracture is located in. A foot fracture can involve one or more of the 26 bones in the foot in any of the foot’s main parts. The foot main parts include the hindfoot, the midfoot and the forefoot. The doctor will do some exams and will also perform an x-ray, MRI or ultrasound to either rule out or diagnose you with a broken foot. The treatment will vary depending on which bone is broken and how it’s broken. Some possible treatments include splints, casts, boots, crutches and flat-bottom shoes. Surgery is sometimes necessary to repair the broken bones.

To learn more about foot fractures, you should consult with our Corona foot fracture doctor. Call our office to schedule your appointment today.

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