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Treating bunions in Elmhurst

Elmhurst foot care
Elmhurst foot care

Treating bunions is one of our specialties here at Metropolitan Foot Care, but we would greatly prefer to prevent them entirely. If you currently have a bunion, turn to our Elmhurst foot care for the solution and to for the essential guidance when it comes to avoiding recurrences.

Without a doubt, the most common cause of bunions is wearing footwear that is too tight across the toes. There are other reasons why they develop, though. Ultimately, the problem is traced back to having too much pressure on the toe joint. And the big toe is the location for bunions to form. They are, for the most part, equal opportunity protrusions, though women do tend to get them more frequently. This is probably because women are more likely to wear high heel shoes, which by their very nature stress the big toe joints. A bunion feels somewhat bone-like, and it can range from no discomfort at all to being massively painful. Even one that is giving you no trouble right now may transition to being a concern, so it is a good idea to avail yourself of our Elmhurst foot care for evaluation and treatment. It is reassuring to know that many cases of bunions can be treated effectively and entirely with the help of orthotics (shoe inserts) in the form of bunion pads or arch supports that are designed to redistribute how your weight lands on your big toe joint. The outcome is that with the pressure relieved, the bunion subsides. Beyond that, if your shoes are too tight, switch to roomier and more comfortable ones. It makes a big difference. Our Elmhurst foot care will also offer guidance to keep your toes bunion-free.

Please contact us to set up a convenient time for an appointment to have your bunion looked at and addressed.

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