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Hammertoes in Elmhurst

When your toe becomes stuck in the curled or bent position, you have a condition known as hammertoe. Getting the specialized care that we provide here at Metropolitan Foot Care will provide you with relief so that you can have your toe back in its normal state.

What is the cause of a hammertoe? Excessive stress on the toe joint is the source, and that can be the result of an arthritic issue, genetic predisposition, and poor-fitting shoes that are too tight around your toes. High heels create an increased risk, and this is why women get hammertoe more often than men do. Discomfort and pain is common, and simply putting on a pair of shoes can become difficult, not to mention walking or running. Our Elmhurst podiatry office will conduct an examination, which may include x-rays. If your hammertoe is considered flexible, which is to say that there is a minimal amount of movement available, then treatment will typically consist of non-invasive means like shoe orthotics. They take the pressure off the joint and tendon. Medication or even cortisone shots are sometimes used. But if the toe is completely immobile, or what is known as rigid, you will probably need to have surgery on it. Fortunately, it is performed expertly here at our Elmhurst podiatry office, and done under local anesthesia. It’s strictly an outpatient procedure, so you can go home right afterward. After your toe has healed, you should re-evaluate your footwear. In addition, our foot doctor will work with you to minimize the effects of any other contributing factors, making it less likely that you will suffer a recurrence.

Timely treatment will lead to better outcomes, so be sure that you reach out to our Elmhurst podiatry office at the earliest possible opportunity when you have a hammertoe.

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